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Laurie Larson

Ready Set GOAL

You will only rise to the level of your own expectations. Your life and physical body are simply a manifestation of the habits you keep! If you could change ONE habit that would change the direction of your health, what would it be? Don’t worry about a complete overhaul, focus on the “one” habit you would like to implement. Changing just one thing will increase your confidence!

Then change another, and another! Set a goal to start a new habit.

Example #1: I will add one serving of veggies to every meal.
Example #2: I commit to walking 15 minutes after lunch every day!
Example #3: I will replace my non-dairy creamer with soy milk or coconut milk!

Set goals you can achieve. Understand your “WHY”.

Lasting change is not possible, unless you focus on the benefits of reaching the goal!

Example #1: When I eat more healthfully, I set an example for my family!
Example #2: I can reduce the chances of creating disease in my body by making healthy food choices!
Example #3: I will have more energy every day to do what I love to do!

Make a decision to set ONE goal right now! Every journey begins with one step. Take it now, and you will be on your way to greater health and fitness!

Laurie Larson is an energetic, inspiring and empowering health and weight-loss coach. A lifetime love for fitness and self-improvement has enabled her to bring her energy to coaching and group workshops. She channels her passion for health and vitality for life to empower people to become the best version of themselves.She brings her no nonsense, results-driven approach to attaining and maintaini…

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