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Curb Your Late Night Cravings With These Easy To Make Healthy Desserts

I think I mentioned this before but I used to hate dessert. I mean HATE. Growing up, I only ate fruit for dessert – no chocolate, no pie, no ice cream… none of it.

Oddly enough, that changed when I started trying to eat healthier. I think I was eating less and wanted to treat myself more, so I started going for the sweet stuff. I’ve always treated myself with food, so this wasn’t too out far of my comfort zone. Nowadays, I tend to have something sweet 3-4x per week.

Fruit & Chocolate

Late Night Cravings

I like to make these and snack on them when I’m in the kitchen. They’re great to snack on because it’s a low-calorie snack that will still give you energy thanks to the sugars in the raspberries. You can switch it up a bit by adding white chocolate chips, but I personally like sticking to the classic dark chocolate. So go ahead: pick up some raspberries, add some chocolate and have fresh, delicious snack. Mmm, mmm, good!

Nice Cream

Late Night Cravings


Mix 2 frozen bananas + a splash of almond milk + a dash of vanilla extract in a food processor until smooth. Add in a tbsp of peanut butter (I used homemade – so good!) and mix until smooth. Stir in dairy-free mini choc chips

Mug Cake

Late Night Cravings

I use these babies on everything from oatmeal, baking, smoothies and more. I was craving a scrumptious dessert the other day, but wanted it to be healthy. It was after a long run, so I also wanted to include protein. No better way to do so than with some chocolate protein powder.


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