Low-Calorie Strawberry Pineapple Carrot Juice Recipe

Low-Calorie Strawberry Pineapple Carrot Juice Recipe

A few years ago I met the man behind the juicing craze, Joe Cross. I hadn’t seen his documentary Fat, Sick ad Nearly Dead, but went home that night to watch it on Netflix (still available and a must-see). I was inspired and decided to add a juice to my daily routine. I started off by making one every morning and I would occasionally make one for lunch too. I noticed a strong boost in energy throughout the day and even noticed a difference when I went bouldering after work.

My suggestion is to start with a juice that is heavy in fruit with a little vegetable and slowly make your way to the perfect veggie to fruit ratio 80:20. This juice, inspired by one of Joe’s juices on Reboot with Joe, is usually the one I give to people who are just starting out.


Makes 2 small servings or one large

1/4 pineapple
4 carrots
a large handful of strawberries
1/2 inch of ginger

For the full recipe, click here.

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Growing up in Hong Kong, I mixed my love for sports with a balanced diet to stay at the top of my game. Though I have now traded in rugby and soccer for kickboxing, dancing and pilates, I still like to control what ingredients go into my dishes and strongly believe that eating everything in moderation is key. I recently went on a four month road trip from New York to Argentina, during which I juiced…