My name is Abbey Way and I blog at! I have always been extremely active and involved in sports. In high school I was a 1,000 point scorer in basketball and a state champion in pole vault. I went on to compete at East Carolina University on the Track and Field team and after graduating, for the first time in my life, I was not competing at a sport. I quickly found a passion for passing on my knowledge of health and fitness to others and it's my dream to inspire people to live life to the fullest in a healthy and positive way! When I'm not interviewing professional athletes as sports reporter, you can find me at the gym, on the basketball court or by some water practicing yoga!

27 Battle Rope Exercises

Battle ropes are an excellent way to burn calories and build muscle! The options are pretty endless on how to get your sweat on with battle ropes, but a great way to start is by picking any number of battle rope exercises and doing 20 seconds of work with 40 seconds of rest for 10-20 minutes. Watch now for 27 different ways to get an intense workout with a heavy rope!


Mouthwatering Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I can’t stop thinking about all things pumpkin related. I’m obsessed with this delicious pumpkin pie smoothie. This is perfect when you are craving sweet Fall treats, but want a healthier option!


Why You Should Fail Harder

Fail harder. Seriously, fail harder. If you never fail, then you are never going to get better. Most people are so worried about failing that they are actually holding themselves back. If you never fail when you practice then you will never get better. In order to improve, you have to push your limits over and over and part of the process is failing.