Anna is all about keeping it simple for the everyday mom and ladies out there! She wants to lead you in creating new, long-lasting habits building a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. Anna is a former SEC track sprinter and still holds two records today at her former University today. She credits her athletic background for her continued passion into health and fitness. As a new mom, she found herself even more focused on providing a healthy example for her son. She wants to spread the word for women and moms not to forget about taking care of yourself in the business of life. She has plans to gain certification in personal training and nutrition, as well as creating her own fitness lifestyle blog. Please join Anna on this lifestyle journey and start creating new, healthy habits today!

See You at the Barre

After a long day, for most it doesn’t get much better than a post work happy hour. Maybe for you its relaxing at home with some wine, while others heading to the bar. For me, it’s heading straight to the Barre. A happy hour of strengthening, lifting, toning and firming is the exact sweat session I need. If your class instructor is like mine, she may even throw in a little Taylor Swift “Shake it Off” while you shake your hips side to side in plié. Lifting my butt and dancing to T. Swift? Um, yes please!

4 Ways to Boost Your Energy in the Morning

Let’s get right to it. The morning struggle can be real. Most mornings I want to hit the snooze button a time or four squeezing in every second of sleep before starting my day. These are usually the days I have a rushed mentality, a less than positive attitude and way less energy. I love the extra few minutes of sleep, but hate those days.