Hello there! I’m Cortni, a sunshine loving Marine Biologist living in Upstate New York. When I’m not under the sea, I work as a science instructor. I blog about overall healthy happy living through nutrition and fitness, wholesome recipes, and adventures! After being a competitive gymnast for 16 years it was hard for me to find a new fitness groove, but I have discovered a new love of working out through CrossFit. running and swimming. I am obsessed with scuba diving, love wine and chocolate, and trying new things! I just want to continue learning, discovering, and exploring this beautiful planet and would love to share my journey with you!

No-Bake Healthy Homemade Granola Bars Recipe

I was searching for a homemade granola bar recipe that was healthy and didn’t require baking. It was actually really difficult to find a recipe that wasn’t packed with sugar, even though these recipes still had far less sugar than most store bought granola bars I wanted something a bit healthier. READ MORE