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Why You Should Actually Be Eating More Food

Many of us are not getting enough nutrition, regardless of our weight. Just because you eat several times a day and feel full, does not mean your body has the adequate amount of vitamins and minerals to keep you fully healthy. Unless you’re really getting your fill of the must nutrient-dense foods on a daily basis, it’s likely you’re undernourished in vital nutrients. Sure, you’ll keep breathing, walking, and feeling fine for a while, but on a microscopic level your body won’t be functioning optimally.


Why We All Should Meditate Every Day

To celebrate National Meditation Week, we are talking about why meditation can be difficult, but beneficial to your everyday routine. I can’t begin to count the number of times over the years I’ve tried to commit myself to having a daily meditation practice. Life kept getting in the way, you know how it is.


How To Strengthen Hair Naturally

We’ve all seen it, lustrous locks that bounce and shine, the kind of hair you can make a rope out of and know that it’ll hold up well (although of course, we shouldn’t do that), the kind of hair you want to run your fingers through because it’s soft, sleek texture is irresistible.  READ MORE