GiGi Dubois is a healthy living nutrition enthusiast and blogger based in Los Angeles. With a unique comedic style and relatable approach, she both educates and entertains her audiences with a weekly blog/vlog, GiGi Eats Celebrities. GiGi’s passion for all things nutrition and fitness blossomed into a full-time focus when she encountered diet-related health problems as a young girl. Since then, she has led an active and healthy lifestyle and is committed to showing others how diet can positively affect their lives.

Healthy Carrot Cake Cookies

It is officially spring! Hooray! To celebrate the hopefully warmer season and the movie Zootopia, I’ve created a delicious recipe for healthy carrot cake cookies. I had my foxy friend, Kiyra, in the kitchen with me this week to help me hop onto all of these sugar, dairy & gluten-free cookies!


Healthy Fish And Chips

You’re about to watch me make a Healthy Fish And Chips recipe. It is officially Gigi approved! I was inspired to make a healthier version after being in the UK for about 14 days! I hope you like it and let me know if you have any suggestions to make the recipe even better.


Mouth-Watering Healthy Churro Recipe

Deep fried goodness doesn’t always have to be bad for you. I’m talking about everyone’s favorite, CHURROS. This carnival favorite just got a makeover in the health department and I’m spilling all the details on the how-to make this sinfully delicious treat!