Karen is a food lover and endorphin addict with a passion for sports and fitness. Growing up as a competitive gymnast, she struggled with poor body image and found it hard to accept and appreciate the body she’d been given. However, with the help of family, friends, and nutrition experts, she was able to turn a negative obsession into a healthy interest… and a career! She now works as a Registered Dietitian and is certified in sports nutrition by the International Olympic Committee. She strives to help women create a healthy relationship with food and exercise, and her motto in the kitchen is “everything in moderation.” She also continues to feed her own endorphin addiction by participating in a variety of activities including triathlons, CrossFit, rowing, marathons, yoga, and ballet. For more on Karen, check out her website!

#30DayVeggie Challenge

I’m tired of always being told what NOT to do when it comes to health and nutrition. Don’t eat this. Don’t eat that. This is bad for you. That is bad for you. Most of it is good, accurate advice, but after a while, all that negativity starts to become overwhelming! So this spring, I’ve decided to change my way of thinking by focusing on what I WILL do. That’s why, for the month of April, I’ll be challenging myself to try something new and different. For these 30 days, I will eat a vegetable at every single meal (even breakfast). READ MORE