My name is Kimberly Snyder and I am a New York Times best-selling author, a clinical nutritionist, yogini, world adventurer, founder of Glow Bio and veggie lover! I struggled for years to control my weight and acne, and rebuild my limp hair. I embarked on a three year solo journey over 50 countries, where I learned all kinds of beauty secrets from all these different cultures on how to eat for beauty. This knowledge, combined with my study of nutrition and backed up by my findings with science is the basis of my Beauty Detox philosophy, and my books The Beauty Detox Solution and The Beauty Detox Foods. I am super passionate about sharing the knowledge that helped me so much with you and women everywhere, so you can live your best life and feel and look amazing! My mantras are that Outer Beauty is a Reflection of Inner Health, and to strive for Progress, not Perfection.

5 Ways To Make Holiday Drinks Healthy

Holiday beverages bring us cheer and help us create fond memories. Such as sharing hot chocolate by the fire and sharing stories with loved ones. The challenge is they often include extra/empty sugar, fat and calories we normally wouldn’t consume. Over indulge and these delicious drinks can contribute to the dreaded extra few pounds that studies show most people gain around the holidays. The average holiday beverage contains 350 calories and most are created using milk, sugar, alcohol and all sort of chemicals for flavor. You may be asking yourself, how can I enjoy the holiday season, stay healthy and not feel deprived? I am going to address five common holiday drinks that you’re likely to come across, and ways to substitute them!


Are You Listening to Your Body?

After meditation, it’s not uncommon to notice you feel alert, awake and more perceptive about everything around you, and within you. This ability to feel more is incredibly powerful, and one of the master keys to you having the most amazing health of your life.

Healthy Hair Tips & Tricks

People always comment on how thick and healthy my hair is, but what they don’t realize is that they’re seeing the end result of a dramatic Beauty Detox transformation. My hair used to be a coarse, frizzy debacle of tresses that I had to constantly pull back into a bun. It wasn’t healthy in any sense. But now