Hi! My name is Lauren and I’m the blogger behind After moving up to the Bay Area in the summer of 2013 and losing over 30 pounds and countless inches, I found a love for cooking, juicing and meal prepping, along with a new found love for fitness. Since then, I’ve completed 5ks, 10k, half marathons, triathlons — even checking an item off the bucket list: swimming from Alcatraz! I believe that everyone can live a healthy lifestyle and still enjoy all of their favorite things. It’s my goal to help inspire you to choose healthy by sharing tips for stocking your pantry/fridge, the benefits of meal prepping, simple & easy recipes to make restaurant-style meals healthier, and showing how you can work your way up to a triathlon or half marathon. Learn more at

Why Yesterday Was My Last Half Marathon

Do you ever have goals set for yourself that seem completely unreachable? Like they’re so out there that they’re just a dream? It’s not meant to happen, and you really don’t think that it will, but you go for it anyways? For me, that was running. At first it was running a mile. Then a 5k. Then a 10k. Then a half marathon. It seemed so unimaginable that I could run for more than 5 minutes. Honestly.


What It Actually Feels Like To Lose 25 Pounds

My weight loss journey started a couple of years ago. It was July 1st, 2013 — a new month and a chance to be better for me. I stood in front of the mirror in a sports bra and underwear to take my before photo, just staring at myself. How did I get here? Who was I? I had just weighed in at my heaviest weight ever — about 50 lbs overweight, according to any doctor’s chart. I was sick and tired of seeing that number on the scale and wanted to really lose weight. Not for one week through a fad diet, though; for good.


Post-Workout Chocolate Dream Smoothie

Recently, I haven’t been indulging in protein as much as I should after a workout. Sometimes, I’ll eat peanut butter, while other times I forget and wait a couple of hours to eat. However, I’ve been encouraged to drink protein smoothies more often, so today I finally gave in. Right after my workout, I walked straight to the kitchen to whip up my smoothie. I grabbed random ingredients, threw them together, and voila! It turned out more like ice cream goodness, right up my alley. Ready for the best dessert-like smoothie ever?


Two In One: Acai Banana Bowl and Smoothie

Recently I’ve been really into acai bowls. I’ve been craving them for months, but since I’m still adjusting to the Bay Area, I wasn’t ready to track down a restaurant-made version. Instead, I took to the kitchen and created my own: a tasty blend of acai and banana topped with goodies such as granola, berries and nuts. Simply delish!  READ MORE