Hi! My name is Lauren and I’m the blogger behind After moving up to the Bay Area in the summer of 2013 and losing over 30 pounds and countless inches, I found a love for cooking, juicing and meal prepping, along with a new found love for fitness. Since then, I’ve completed 5ks, 10k, half marathons, triathlons — even checking an item off the bucket list: swimming from Alcatraz! I believe that everyone can live a healthy lifestyle and still enjoy all of their favorite things. It’s my goal to help inspire you to choose healthy by sharing tips for stocking your pantry/fridge, the benefits of meal prepping, simple & easy recipes to make restaurant-style meals healthier, and showing how you can work your way up to a triathlon or half marathon. Learn more at

Stock Your Pantry for Only $70

$70 for a stocked pantry full of all the necessities for a healthy kitchen? Sounds almost impossible, right? Wrong! You probably have a lot of these items on hand already, but these are pretty much the base of everything I use at home. Literally, these are all in our kitchen right now. So, welcome to my kitchen!  READ MORE