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Full Body Workout In Under 20 Minutes

Full Body Fat Burn Workout from Sweat Factor with Sam is a fierce, 17-minute total body-sculpting circuits workout that features an intense blend of 5 kickboxing, core training and plyometric exercises for 10 reps each to boost the metabolism, melt away fat and challenge the entire body to uncover lean definition from head to toe! READ MORE

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Body Rip Sexy Butt Workout: Sweat Factor

Body Rip Sexy Butt Workout from Sweat Factor is a 17-minute high intensity interval training workout. It is designed to lift and firm your booty as you burn calories through multiple intervals of 20 seconds of fierce exercise. Each exercise is followed by 10 seconds of rest that is sure to deliver maximum results.

Turn up the heat and challenge your core as you spark your weight loss potential with 3 blazing rounds of 7 exercises that will elevate the heart rate and engage multiple muscle groups to uncover lean definition from head to toe. Reshape the glutes as you fatigue the chest, arms, biceps, triceps, shoulders, abs, legs and back with Fitness Expert & Sweat Factor Trainer, Whitney as she coaches you through this effective routine step-by-step to help you build the body of your dreams.

Become your best and build a stronger and healthier new you with result-driven moves like Ninja smack jumps, Half burpees, High knees to floor drops, Cross leg lifts, Side step-ups, Jump ropes, one-armed downward dogs and more.

You will need a towel, a Yoga mat, a step and a bottle of water to complete this routine.

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