I am a 29 year old fit mom of three: twin three year old girls, and a one year old boy. I grew up doing gymnastics. I became a Type 1 Diabetic at age eleven where I had to learn everything about food and how it affected my body in a matter of a couple of days. I overcame that huge obstacle and was able to continue doing gymnastics. I got a full ride scholarship to Louisiana State University where I graduated in Business Marketing and was a two time All American on the Uneven Bars. I moved back to Las Vegas in 2007, where I met my husband. I have and always will have a huge passion for health and fitness trying to better myself, my family, and as many people as I can reach out to. In November 2013, I placed second at my first NPC Fitness competition. I trained myself and had to use my inner drive more than ever before. I believe that as long as your mind is right you can accomplish anything! Contact me with any questions at

Sexy Summer Prep: Lower Body & Abs

With summer quickly approaching and spring break right around the corner, everyone is starting to get ready to rock a bikini. The top two things women, myself included, want to be on point are their stomachs and butts. This workout can be done anywhere and requires only your body weight. READ MORE