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Warm Up With These High Knee Runs

Don’t forget, y’all! It’s very important to warm up properly before you work out in order to prevent injuries and prepare your body for activity, and High Knee Runs is a great way to start. A favorite of Nike Master Trainer Marie Purvis, this move will get your blood flowing and heart pumping. Start doing this drill in 30 second increments and build up from there!


Get Strong With These Lying Chest Presses

Working on building your strength? Looking for an upper-body exercise that will work more than one muscle group? The Lying Chest Press is what you need in your workout routine! It works your chest and abs at the same time. Just make sure to pull your belly button toward the ground throughout the entire exercise.


Work Your Abs And Thighs With These Suitcases

Two of the most common questions we hear when it comes to training: how to get a flat stomach, and trim inner thighs. When combined with proper nutrition, this exercise will do just that. Watch as Hope Solo demonstrates how to strengthen your abs and inner thighs in one movement. Add this move into your routine up to 3 times per week to start to see results.


Supermans With Just The Legs

Are you ready to become a superhero? Well, or at least get superhero strength? This exercise is great for those who want to develop their lower back and glute strength. Everyone needs to develop their entire core, and the lower back is part of that, so make sure to add this exercise to your routine at least four times per week.


Get Lean With These Tricep Push Ups To Froggers

If you’re ready to add another element to your push-ups, then this exercise is your pick. The push up to frogger is a challenging way to get your heart rate up, help with hip mobility, strengthen your core and of course strengthen your chest muscles. Add this to your workout 1 to 2 times per week.