Creator and founder of PlyoJam, Jason Layden, taught traditional follow along dance fitness for a few years, when he noticed many students were asking for something more challenging. Thus was born PlyoJam, a format that combines the dance party that so many crave with the intensity of plyometrics, or jump training, which deliver results. PlyoJam routines are set to top hits and leave students feeling sexy (and drenched)! PlyoJam is now certifying instructors all over the world!

Intense Dance Workout To “Ex’s & Oh’s”

Creator and Founder of PlyoJam, Jason Layden, teaches his routine to Ex’s & Oh’s by Elle King. What is PlyoJam? PlyoJam is a hot, edgy dance fitness format out of Los Angeles that provides the intensity level comparable to that of a P90X or Insanity workout, but remains the fun, sexy dance party that so many crave. The intensity comes from Plyometric-inspired movements, a form of jump training, that are weaved throughout the routines to maximize calories burned.