REFIT® is a group fitness program that uses positive music, movement and messaging to build community and impact lives. We believe fitness is for every BODY, and our workouts are designed for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Creating a powerful BODY + MIND +SOUL + SPIRIT connection through fitness is what makes REFIT® a revolutionary fitness community of rump shakers, world changers and impact makers. REFIT offers online workouts, free YouTube workouts and an instructor certification program. For more information, check out our website at

Hilary Duff’s My Kind Dance Workout

We’re not gonna lie about this one: it can be a little complicated, but that’s no reason to shy away from it! There’s a lotta swag in this choreography, and it’s worth practicing. As with all complex choreography, start by learning the footwork first. Once you get the rhythm and movements for your feet, then add the upper body movements.  Let’s get moving!


“Getcha Hands Up” Dance Workout

In order to get the full toning benefit of this “Getcha Hands Up” workout, make sure to keep your arms/elbows at 90 degrees! Don’t break the plane with relaxed arms or elbows above your shoulders. Also, make sure your punches are quick and above the head. Keep your elbow slightly bent — don’t lock them out. Let’s go!


“Light It Up” Cardio Dance Workout

It’s time to get funky with this new dance workout set to “Light It Up.” Try to work on the footwork first before incorporating the upper body movements. Once you establish confidence with the steps, you’ll find it easier to add the “up top” moves. Remember, dancing is about incorporating your own style + movement with your personality and flair. There is no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to dance!