I am a former cheerleader and gymnast in my mid-twenties trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle after being diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and Hashimotos thyroiditus. I am trying to balance life, staying fit, working full-time and going to school online for a Master's in Health Administration.

How to Prevent Dry Winter Skin

Everyone experiences dry skin in the winter, but when you have hypothyroidism the dryness is even worse. I already have dry skin from my dad’s side of the family so combining that with my diagnosis, I consider myself some what of a master at relieving dry skin, especially during the cold winter months.

5 Easy Steps to Get Healthy NOW!

When I decided to make a change to a healthier lifestyle I changed five things immediately that helped jump start my healthy journey. I think no matter what age, you can do these things! Not many people can change everything in one day and all of a sudden eat totally green and exercise regularly. If you do these 5 things then everything else will fall into place eventually and becoming a more fit healthier version of yourself will be much easier! READ MORE

Lemon-Berry Protein Smoothie

Do you ever come home after a workout and want something other than the usual vanilla or chocolate protein shake? I do! Sometimes all I want is a fruit smoothie instead! So, I came up with this lemon-berry protein smoothie to satisfy my fruit cravings! READ MORE