Hi, There! My name is Taralynn McNitt. This is my fourth year as a healthy living blogger. I love cooking healthy meals, traveling, my fluffy goldendoodle (Mr Grumples), photography, and reaching fitness goals while helping others reach theirs. I turn healthy food into tasty food and fitness into fun. Living a healthy lifestyle shouldn't feel like a chore. After high school, I set out on a weight loss journey. It wasn't easy, but it sure was worth it in the end. I have never felt better. While maintaining my weight loss, I share my struggles and strengths on my blog in hope that it can help other girls who are facing the same.

BBQ Kale Chips: My New Fav Snack

These BBQ kale chips came about when I realized I really should be eating more leafy greens. Taking the time to wash kale, bake it, and waiting for it to cool seems like a hassle compared to just grabbing a bag of chips or popping popcorn. That’s why I decided to make a ton of kale in advance and bag it up! Now it’s available for days. I could just buy kale chips at the store, but it’s usually loaded with extra fat, preservatives and salt. This kale has: kale, olive oil and homemade bbq seasoning. If you like BBQ chips, you’ll love this healthy substitute!


Fresh Banana Peach Smoothie

I love vacations, but getting back into the swing of things when you get home can be overwhelming. I’m finally falling into my normal schedule and getting everything done on my list. Sometimes you need something that is easy to make. Smoothies are one of my favorite things to whip up for lunch and breakfast. They’re filling, quick to make, and delicious! You won’t be disappointed with this yummy banana and peach smoothie.


Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps

I’m a huge fan of lettuce wraps. They are usually super quick and require only a few ingredients! So I regularly make lettuce wrap tacos, lettuce wrap fajitas or even lettuce wrap deli meats for an easy lunch or dinner. Last week, I decided to make one of my favorites, ground turkey lettuce wrap tacos. I hope you love them as much as I do!