Hi, There! My name is Taralynn McNitt. This is my fourth year as a healthy living blogger. I love cooking healthy meals, traveling, my fluffy goldendoodle (Mr Grumples), photography, and reaching fitness goals while helping others reach theirs. I turn healthy food into tasty food and fitness into fun. Living a healthy lifestyle shouldn't feel like a chore. After high school, I set out on a weight loss journey. It wasn't easy, but it sure was worth it in the end. I have never felt better. While maintaining my weight loss, I share my struggles and strengths on my blog in hope that it can help other girls who are facing the same.

Baked Mexican Black Bean Spaghetti Squash

Last night, my mom made a delicious dish for dinner! She really knows how to make her daughter feel right at home. I grilled a ton of vegetables on the grill to go with her dish, too. The Mexican black bean spaghetti squash bake was phenomenal! Tons asked for the recipe on Instagram last night, so I wanted to grant their wish and share!

6 Ingredient Post Workout Face Mask

Working out can make you, but break you when it comes to your skin. Never neglect your skin after a workout. Eating a healthy diet can improve your skin tremendously, unless you let sweat and dirt attack your pores. My skin always looks great in the summer. I eat more fresh fruit, vegetables, and absorb extra vitamin D. I like to workout outside in the heat for an extra sweat. In order to maintain my healthy skin, I have to cleanse it.


I Am Beautiful When I Am Me

Why are we so hard on ourselves? No matter how hard we work, how much money we spend, or how long we spend getting ready, we still find flaws in the mirror. This Vegas trip has made me realize how hard I am on myself. I’m sure other women can relate. I felt like I needed to write this just in case someone else was going through the same thing. I’m not great at putting my feelings into words, but I’ll give it a shot. I’m about to admit some pretty embarrassing things, but hopefully someone can relate.

Healthy Living Tips that Helped Me

The world is full of diet tips. It’s full of myths and truths. Maybe my tips are not what scientist have proven to work. Maybe they have. But, these tips have worked for me. I lost weight by ignoring the scientist and going with what was working. Maybe my tips won’t benefit you, but what do you have to lose? These tips help me eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly and keep weight off.