Shawn Johnson's the body department Flopz Review
Emily Cummings

Flip FlopZ Review

FlopZ certainly are not your average flip-flops! They come in a variety of colors and ocean themed designs, perfect for the beach, pool, or a day at the spa. I was excited to try mine out when they arrived, but I have to admit I expected the “massaging gel insole” to be a little bit squishier. The sensation on my feet was a little strange and took some getting used to, maybe I’m just used to boring old shoes with nothing exciting on the bottom! I wore my pair to yoga class and received a lot of compliments on the lovely design and color (I have the Emerald flip flops with white straps). These fun and colorful flip-flops seem to be well made for extended use and are great if you’re looking to add a little whimsy to your wardrobe!

Yoga came into my life suddenly and randomly and it was love at first down- dog. Yoga has taught me so much about myself, and about life. Sharing my practice on Instagram has given me a chance to combine my art direction skills with my passion for yoga. It's not about doing each pose perfectly- it's about being happy with who you are in this moment, and where you are in your personal practice. As in…

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