Reece Carter

Get Super Soft Skin With This Natural DIY Bath

I love the combination of oats and chamomile for eczema, because one decreases the redness, while the other leaves skin feeling silky smooth. I combine them with a few other natural ingredients to create a simple bath ‘mylk’ that promotes healing for irritated skin sufferers like myself.

Dried Chamomile
Rolled Oats
Coconut Milk
Essential Oil (such as jasmine)
Boiling water

You can find plenty of Reece’s other #herbnerd recipes on his YouTube channel – and keep yourself healthy, naturally!

Gym junkie, clean-eating cook, and qualified naturopath, Reece Carter wasted no time making a splash in the Aussie health and wellness industry. After being flown to Los Angeles to appear on The Ellen Show in his underwear – did we mention he’s an underwear model? – he decided to take the plunge and move to sunny California, bringing with him his passion for wellness. It’s Reece’s dream…