Ilyse Baker

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Are you in a rut with what’s going on in your life, or afraid to try something new and different because either you’re terrified you’ll fail or people will look at you funny and laugh? Don’t be! We all need to step out of our regular routine, be spontaneous and try something new and a bit scary now and then, if for no other reason but to prove to ourselves we can. So make a list of a few fun, new and a bit scary things that you’d like to do and MAKE THE TIME to do them! You know … #YoullThankMELater!!!


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#YoullThankMELater Meet Ilyse Baker, a woman whose personality is as contagious and charismatic as her enthusiasm for fitness and dance. CEO and creator of the dance fitness program DancinerateTM, Ilyse is a celebrity trainer and one of the most sought after dance instructors in America. Her celebrity list includes and not limited to: LeAnn Rimes, Rihanna, Amy Brenneman, Mira …