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Lauren Shaber

What it Means to Choose Healthy

It’s a decision you make every. single. day.

I talk a lot about choosing healthy & hashtag many of my photos, tweets & posts with #choosehealthy. For a long time, I was looking for a personal mantra that I could use when trying to explain to others what I was doing. I knew I wanted something that could be translated into a simple hashtag & something that could apply to more than just me.

My friend, Kara, had been using #choosehappy as her go-to hashtag & I loved it. Every day, I saw her posts and realized that it is up to me — to choose happy, to choose fun, to choose healthy.

That’s when #choosehealthy was born.

So, what does #choosehealthy mean?

It means that every day you will do your best to choose healthy options.

When I go out to a restaurant, I choose wheat bread over white, sauce on the side instead of poured over, or a grilled appetizer instead of fried. When you choose healthy options, you’re taking care of your body & feeding it with so many good nutrients!

Same with my workouts — I choose to wake up at 6am every morning to get in a workout. I actively choose to go to spin after work to get in a workout, even if I’m tired. I know it’ll make me feel good & I know my body will love it.

This can apply to everything though — not just nutrition & workouts. For example, I make it a point to spend some quality time with my boyfriend every day. Whether it’s going on a walk, cooking dinner together, or sitting on the couch & watching TV, I choose to prioritize our relationship because it makes me happy. In short, I’ve found that doing what makes me happy makes me a healthier person. That’s definitely #choosehealthy worthy.

Also – just to clear this up. Yes, I slip up & yes, I eat “unhealthy” sometimes. In fact, just this weekend, I enjoyed some pizza, pasta, Pita Pit & more… and I don’t feel guilty. I also had Greek yogurt for breakfast, a smoothie & some Luna bars. If I know that I’m choosing healthy about 80% of the time, that’s all that matters. It’s all about balance!

Every day, I try my best to eat healthy, get in a workout, check-in on Instagram, have a healthy mindset, etc. I realized that to be healthy, I personally had to choose to be healthy.

So there’s my personal motto, all spelled out for ya! You’re welcome to use it if you’d like 😉

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