30 Day Fat Burn: Dynamic Strength Training Workout

30 Day Fat Burn: Dynamic Strength Training Workout by BeFiT is a powerful, 10-minute kettlebell-inspired workout that uses an effective blend of total body-toning cardio exercise, core strengthening and plyometric moves to burn fat, build muscle, activate the abdominals, increase stamina and maximize weight loss potential. Challenge your core and sculpt a strong and defined midsection with Expert 30 Day Fat Burn Trainer, Danielle Pascente as she motivates you with step-by-step instruction on each result-driven move to ensure correct form and help you get the most out of each exercise. Engage all of the major muscle groups of the body as you firm and tone the arms, legs, abs, chest, shoulders, back, thighs, butt and obliques for a full body transformation. You’ll go through 14 different moves for 30 seconds each using a 5 to 10 pound kettlebell or dumbbell in this intense body-shaping workout and third installment of the all-new 30 Day Fat Burn Fitness Program, only on BeFiT! It is recommended that you have a towel and bottle of water handy as you complete this series. If any of the moves are too difficult, you may adjust them to fit your skill level by modifying weight, rest periods, and reps. Challenge yourself to see how many reps you can do within each 30 second set to increase results. Build definition, and sculpt lean and sexy physique with super-charged dynamic moves like D-Bell Swing, Curtsy Woodchoppers, Alternating Snatches, Back Lunge to Snatches, Compound Combo, Lateral Lunge to X Body Row, Alternating Forward Lunge to D-Bell Overhead Figure 8’s, Cardio Standing Russian Twists, Half Turn Lunges, Shoulder Burns and Heel Click Jumps with Bell Swings. Look and feel your best as you build the body of your dreams in just 10 minutes a day right from your own living room. Click here for more 30 Day Fat Burn workouts.

Workout Moves:
D-Bell Swing
Curtsy Woodchopper
Alternating Snatch
Back Lunge to Snatch
Compound Combo
Lateral Lunge to X Body Row
Alternating Forward Lunge to D-Bell Overhead Figure 8
Cardio Standing Russian Twists
Half Turn Lunges
Shoulder Burns
Heel Click Jumps with Bell Swing

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