Shawn Johnson's The Body Department - Body 'Kicking' World Cup Inspired Workout
Karen Psiaki, RD, LDN

Body ‘Kicking’ World Cup Inspired Workout

This summer, World Cup fever is infecting soccer fans all over the globe, me included! Although I never played the game myself, I’ve always admired the players’ athletic abilities and physique. 

Okay, so maybe we can’t all be world-class soccer stars, but who says we can’t be inspired by them in our own fitness routines? In honor of the 2014 World Cup, here is a soccer-inspired workout to help you get those killer legs and abs you’ve been admiring from Brazil. Some of the exercises require a soccer ball, but you could also substitute a basketball, volleyball, or even a small medicine ball.

Three rounds of:
– 15 walking lunges on each leg (while holding ball)
– 15 soccer ball sit-ups (hold ball above head on way down, touch toes with ball at top)
– 2 flights of double stair jumps
– 30 ball toe-taps on each foot (keeping ball as stable as possible)
– 5 burpees
– 5 soccer ball V-ups

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Karen is a food lover and endorphin addict with a passion for sports and fitness. Growing up as a competitive gymnast, she struggled with poor body image and found it hard to accept and appreciate the body she’d been given. However, with the help of family, friends, and nutrition experts, she was able to turn a negative obsession into a healthy interest… and a career! She now works as a Register…