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Introducing The Body Department's first collection. All of the necessary activewear pieces in one drop. From sports bras, workout leggings, and tank tops, to water bottles, a gym bag, and hats. Designed to take you from the gym to happy hour. Athleisure at its finest.

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The mind, body, and soul work together to help honor and self empower your well-being. When all three are aligned, balance is inspired, much like The Body Department.

Hidden Uses + Benefits of Activated Charcoal
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Hidden Uses + Benefits of Activated Charcoal

I remember around 2016 activated charcoal became all the wellness-rage. I have to admit. It consumed me also. Everywhere you looked, "acti-char" as I liked to call it, was being included in everything. I, too, wanted to detox with the newly unearthed magical black substance. I used it with my toothpaste for its whitening benefits and scorged down fancy subscription-based activated charcoal detox drinks for digestive & purification benefits. Needless to say it was totally beneficial. And I could see how these reasons would drive people to be obsessed with the powder. Here are some hidden and not-so hidden benefits of activated charcoal.
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