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Introducing The Body Department's first collection. All of the necessary activewear pieces in one drop. From sports bras, workout leggings, and tank tops, to water bottles, a gym bag, and hats. Designed to take you from the gym to happy hour. Athleisure at its finest.

SPRING DETOX: 6 Clay Masks You Need In Your Life To Glow!
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SPRING DETOX: 6 Clay Masks You Need In Your Life To Glow!

To start our Spring Detox series, we're going to have a nice little chat about clay masks. In addition to owning moisturizing masks, you should have a variety of powerful clay masks that detox your skin! They are the best tool for getting the grit and environmental impurities out of the skin to revive it and allow your true "glowy" self to peak through. 

So if you've been seeking masks to up your skin care game, look no further than our round-up of the 6 best detoxing clay masks to glow up for Spring!

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