Shawn Johnson’s #BodyBeautiful Challenge

By Shawn Johnson January 27, 2015

Join me in spreading self-love with The Body Department’s #BodyBeautiful challenge!

Every day the media uses labels to judge and describe women. I, myself, have been been critiqued for being too short, too stocky, too muscular, too blah blah blah. There is an unfair gender bias that still exists, where women are constantly being scrutinized for the way we look. The media is glorifying unrealistic body imagery, while setting impossible expectations and standards for young girls and women.

Naturally, we become self conscious, while desperately trying to achieve this idea of “perfection.” Too often we pick apart our flaws and scrutinize what we DON’T like about our body. Let’s change that today.

I invite you all to peel off the layers, remove the insecurities, and unveil your true self with pride. I challenge you to remove your make-up, get down to the real you, and tell the world something you LOVE about your body.

Take The Challenge
1. Remove your makeup
2. Choose a part of your body that you love
3. Capture it all on video or in a photo
4. Hashtag #BodyBeautiful, tag @thebodydept, and share on social media
5. Challenge 3 friends to do the same!


Having a positive body image of yourself is healthy and helps boost your confidence! Health is wealth. Love yourself first because you are beautiful. Let’s spread self-love. I can’t wait to see all of your posts!


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