#TheBodyDept Yoga Challenge: Day 3

By Emily Cummings July 30, 2014

Strength- Crow Pose
When I think of what makes someone a strong person I usually think of the ways in which they are able to overcome life’s obstacles. I chose crow pose as my representation of strength because this is a pose that requires not only physical strength and balance, but for most people, the conquering of fear in order to achieve it. When I was doing the photo-shoot for this challenge the photographer suggested I climb up onto the wall and do the arm balance perched on the top. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t afraid. I have done crow pose hundreds of times, but facing the fear of falling on my face was greatly amplified as I looked down at the five-foot drop below me. The pose took on a new life for me that day as I focused all of my strength and will power to lift each leg up onto my arms. The experience was exhilarating, and ultimately I’m glad that I faced my fear, and had the strength to accomplish something I never had before.

To get into Bakasana (Crow Pose)
– Start from Utkatasana (chair pose) rise onto your tippie toes and hinge forward from the waist
– Place your hands firmly on the floor with your fingers spread wide
– Spread the knees out wider than your hips and snuggle them into your armpits
– Lean forward and bend your arms keeping your elbows snug to the sides of your body
– Keep the gaze focused and slightly in front of you
– Slowly lift one or both feet off the ground and pull them towards your bum
– Breathe, and slowly lower your feet to the ground

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