#TheBodyDept Yoga Challenge: Day 4

By Emily Cummings July 31, 2014

Love- Dancer’s Pose
Love is one of my favorite words. It’s a concept so simple, yet so complex. Something we seek our entire lives while it simultaneously exists within us at all times. Love is energy, a vibration shared and experienced by all living things on Earth. It’s a language that is universal to us all. I chose the beautiful, heart opening Dancer’s pose as my expression of love because dancing is how I express my deepest self. Dancing is my language of love. When I’m dancing I feel free, I feel open, and I feel happy.

To get into Natarajasana (Dancer’s pose)
– Stand in Tadasana (mountain pose) with your arm’s raised to the sky
– Shift your weight to left leg and firmly root the foot into the ground
– Lower your right arm down with your elbow bent and pressed firmly into the side of the body at the waist
– Bend the right leg keeping the knees together
– Reach down with the right hand and hold the sole of the right foot
– Press the foot against the hand and slowly begin to use that energy to raise the foot behind the head
– Keeping the torso upright and left arm extended over head
– Focus the gaze on one spot several feet in front of you
– Breathe deeply, and lower the leg back down
– Repeat on the other side

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