#TheBodyDept Yoga Challenge: Day 5

By Emily Cummings August 1, 2014

Inspiration- Handstand
I love to take inspiration from the people, places, and things around me. When I first began my yoga practice some things definitely came more easily to me than others. Because of my background in dance, poses that involve a lot of flexibility were where I felt the most comfortable. What kept me coming back to yoga though, wasn’t the things I was already good at. It was seeing all of the amazing things that other people could do that I couldn’t. I believe the people around us are our teachers, and that we should look at each person as a source of inspiration- and mirror what it is we admire in our own special way. Seeing the amazing things other yogis can do on their hands is so inspiring to me. Much as we learn as babies to walk on our feet, yoga teaches us to see life from an entirely different perspective. My inversion practice has a long way to go, but after much hard work, practice, and dedication, I can finally experience the freedom that comes from being upside down.

To get into Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand)
– Please use a wall for support if you are not experienced with inversions
– Begin in downward facing dog with your hands firmly rooted to the ground and your fingers spread wide
– Step the left foot about a foot closer to your hands and raise the right foot to the sky keeping your hips square to the ground
– Use your right leg as momentum to kick up into the handstand, raising your left leg to meet at the top
– Keep the core engaged and your gaze focused and out in front of you

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