By Emily Cummings August 2, 2014

Humility – Humble Warrior
While it always feels wonderful to practice and share the things we feel we excel at, it is often the areas we feel the least confortable where we find the most growth. Practicing the poses that you feel aren’t your greatest strengths can do wonders for the ego. Being humble about your yoga practice means being able to take the good with the bad, knowing that our weaknesses help us to build our character. To be humbly bold builds true confidence, which can help us to succeed in all areas of life. I chose humble warrior as my expression of humility, not just for the name but because for me, the warrior poses are so much about placement, which is an area I struggled with so much as a dancer. I may not always have the perfect alignment, but that inspires me to work harder, and humbles me to no end.

To get into Baddha Virabhadrasana (Humble warrior)
– Start from downward facing dog
– Lift the right leg to the sky and place the foot between the hands in a low lunge
– Spin the left foot flat to a 45 degree angle
– Lift your torso with your arms extended, keeping your shoulders and hips square
– Keep the feet hip’s width distance apart for better alignment
– Interlock the hands behind the back and learn forward from the waist keeping your right hip pulling back to keep the hips square
– Allow the arms to reach forward feeling a stretch through the shoulders, and allow the neck to relax and the head hang down
– Repeat on the other side

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