5 Fitness Trends We Brought Into The New Year

By The Body Department December 29, 2017

Fitness and wellness practices were all the rage this year. Perhaps due to the increased popularity of athleisure, importance of self-care and improvement. There were so many workout trends that became the wave this year; from H.I.I.T, hot yoga, TRX, barre yoga and cross fit to name a few. If you still haven’t found your “fitness happy place”, now is the perfect time to give these exercises a try.

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The following exercise and wellness trends are totally worth bringing into the new year! 


H.I.I.T helps you torch calories fast by alternating quick bursts of high-intensity exercise with short rest periods. The advantage of H.I.I.T is that it can be found in all types of workouts. You can burn up to 300 calories per session and will keep your metabolism fired up throughout the day long after you finish the routine. Try our H.I.I.T round up below for a total body burn out!



Group exercises like are not dying down and rightfully so! They are fun and interactive. What’s better than working out with like-minded and fitness goal-oriented people? From grouping up for hot yoga, spin or hiking, teaming up with fitness BFF’s will always be on trend. And you’ll always have someone to take your post-workout pics for the ‘gram.


Technology related to fitness and wellness is revving up and improving with each new update. From mobile apps that track calories and macros like MyFitnessPal and Lose It! to exercise tracking like Runkeeper and MapMyFitness, there’s almost no excuse to not to stay fit with the tools at your fingertips or wrists. Today’s wearable fit devices like the Nike+ FuelBand, Apple watch and Fitbit track distance, and also provide heart rate readings, daily steps, GPS route tracking and move reminders.



2017 seemed to be the year of self-reflection and focus, especially due to the heightened importance of self-care practices. Exercises like yoga and pilates allow for a combination of intense and calming exercises that control your physical sense through thinking and visualization.



Functional training like TRX was a big hit this year because it’s routines focused on improving mobility, strength and core along with muscle conditioning. The idea was to focus on movements not just muscles. Movements like pushing, pulling, lifting, stepping, walking, jumping, squatting were a part of daily life and functional training incorporated that in your workout.

Let’s get to Flexin’ to the new you today!

[Words by Christina Makoyawo / Photo 1, 2, 3, 4]

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