Core 4: 4 Female-Driven Podcasts

By The Body Department May 4, 2018

Introducing CORE 4, our ever-changing weekly round up that will feature a short-list of what we’re loving at the moment! This week we’re on podcasts… and not just talking any podcasts. These podcasts are female-produced and are either about wellness, self-care, relationships and female empowerment.

Here are the 4 female-driven podcasts that got us through the week.

Black Girl In Om Podcast

Black Girl In Om podcast created for women of color to “breathe easy”. The dialogue focuses on wellness practices and cultivating richer understandings of what it means to be healthy and beautiful from the inside out.

Latina to Latina Podcast

Bustle’s new podcast, Latina to Latina, was launched by media expert Alicia Menendez about on-going and important discussions regarding women in the Latinx community. 

Self-Service Podcast

Girl Boss’ Self-Service podcast is a personal favorite. From retrospective self-care discussions with wellness experts to birth chart analyzation featuring female astrologers, this podcast delves into needed dialogue focused on self-awareness and maintenance.  

The Skinny Confidential “Him + Her Podcast

The Skinny Confidential’s Him & Her podcast features Lauryn Bosstick with her husband Michael. Their show generally touches on women’s health, wellness, business, branding, marketing, and relationships. One of their latest shows featured Kristen Cavallari and is hilarious but insightful.

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