Fitstagram Friday: @livingbodywellness

By The Body Department March 28, 2014

Diana Chaplin is a certified holistic health coach, mother, Integrative Nutrition Ambassador and this week’s TBD featured fitstagrammer! Chaplin’s approach to health and wellness focuses on mindful eating, and using as many whole, natural foods as possible. We love her recipes, and her positive outlook on health and nutrition! Chaplin was kind enough to share more about her unique health philosophy exclusively with TBD. Check it out below:

“I believe that true wellness is about much more than simply what you eat, or how much you work out. It’s a daily choice to be happy and healthy, listen to your body, and address the imbalances in all areas of life. After all, no matter how much kale you eat you’ll still be unhappy if you’re unfulfilled in your your career or if you’re in a relationship that drains instead of uplifting you! The reason I’m especially drawn to nutrition for health is because it can be the doorway to understanding yourself on a deeper level. When you eliminate processed foods and consume wholesome ingredients that are alive with the earth’s vitality your entire biochemistry changes. Not only will your body detox and change size or shape, but you start to see things more clearly, make better decisions, and naturally be more drawn to other things that will further help to balance you and invite joy into your life. That’s what being holistic is all about, and as a Health Coach I love to inspire and witness this incredible transformation in others.”

Be sure to follow @livingbodywellness on Instagram, and visit Chaplin’s website, for more amazing recipes!

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