Fitstagram Friday: @thesmoothiejar

By The Body Department April 4, 2014

This week’s featured fitstagrammer, @thesmoothiejar,  has a simple food mantra: “Eat and drink the rainbow.”

On her Facebook page, she elaborates: “You eat with your eyes so why not eat the rainbow?” We couldn’t agree more! The Smoothie Jar has quickly become one of our favorite sources for delicious, creative, healthy recipes (smoothies and more)! We recently reached out to Lauren of The Smoothie Jar and she was kind enough to share some words of wisdom exclusively with TBD readers. Check out what she had to say below:

“The things I have learned on my health journey (which in the past has most certainly been a turbulent one) is that it is about nourishing your body not punishing it, abundance not deprivation. Once I realized that, it truly opened my eyes to all the wholesome, vibrant foods I could eat and how great it made me feel on the inside and on the outside!” 

Be sure to visit and follow for more delicious recipes and health inspiration. Happy Friday!

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