Fitstagram Friday: @thesupyogi [Exclusive]

By The Body Department August 1, 2014

This week’s featured Fitstagrammer is @thesupyogi! Anneliese is a lover of life, a yoga instructor, and an AYCY ambassador.

We love Anneliese’s unique spin on yoga: SUPYoga, which is short for Stand Up Paddle yoga! Her passion for yoga started when she stepped on the paddle board and now her goal is to help others feel better and smile more through this creative form of yoga. Annelise was kind enough to share some background journey, and inspiration exclusively with TBD readers:

“I have be a practitioner of yoga for years but in summer of 2011 I took my first stand up paddleboard yoga class with the queen of paddle yoga H2yO! Julie Roach. I fell in love and knew I had to share this incredible experience with other people.

Everyone has busy lives, we run around all day going from this to that to the next thing. It’s important that we not only take time to connect to ourselves through yoga asana and pranayama but also connect to nature – to where this all began. After all, humans are animals and we do have instincts that tell us to go outside. Explore. Be with nature. The combination of yoga and the water is amazing. Is every day a bright-sunny-not-a-cloud-in-the-sky kind of day? Absolutely not. But that’s life. We roll with the waves (sometimes boat wake ;-)), breathe in the salty air and take nature for what it is. And that in itself is beautiful.

I hope that my Instagram account not only convinces people that they should pick up a yoga practice and TRY SUP Yoga but gets people outside – in nature. I hope it inspires people to look at the small things – green grass – fresh water in a cup – and smile at them. To be grateful for what they have and realize that the grass isn’t greener elsewhere. It’s greener when you take the right steps forward and take off the foggy goggles – When you shed the weight of ego, expectation, guilt and self-doubt.I hope the account inspired people to ask questions about life. Go after what they want and realize that everything happens for a reason.

I don’t want people to look at the pictures and say ‘I wish this…. I wish that..’ I want people to look at the pictures and say ‘Wow, as a matter of fact I have some great things going on in my life right now too.’ or maybe ‘The things aren’t so great in my life right now, but I know they will get better. They always do!’ You’re still breathing. Your heart is still beating and you can still smile. When you have those things, you can take on anything.”

Take a browse through the gallery, and be sure to follow @thesupyogi on Instagram. Give SUPYoga a try next time you feel like getting your feet wet with a new yoga routine! Have a wonderful weekend!

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