The Best Fitness & Wellness Apps To Download ASAP

By Admin July 10, 2018

Wearable technology is not slowing down any time soon and neither is our love for all things fitness and wellness. These apps make tracking your progress and fit goals so easy. We’re in the age where technology monitors most areas of our lives and we’re not made at it with apps these convenient. So check out our run down of some of the best fitness and wellness apps to download asap.


My Fitness Pal

This wellness and fitness app contains not only a diet tracker but also calorie counter and exercise motivator! The key to My Fitness Pal is that it personalizes your goals based right off of your body type and your current diet/meal regimen. The app helps to determine how many calories you are able to burn given your recorded meal and exercise due to it’s algorithm. It can also track your macros…. if you’re into that. You can access your fitness account online and from the app.



Simple Habit

There are many things to say about the Simple Habit app. And they are all good things! If you ever needed help meditating or soothing practices to fall asleep, look no further. Though it isn’t free, the free-99 portion of this app has countless meditation exercises based off of your current need, setting and mood. There are also mind-relaxing exercises available to help you fall asleep. Another notable mention is Headspace.




Fitness app, Sworkit allows you to pick from yoga, cardio, strength training, or stretching—or a variation of different exercises for a diversified workout. The app comes with a timer from five to 60 minutes. And if you’re a beginner, the video demonstrations show how to do all exercises.



Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club app has all-encompassing workouts for any part of the body that you need to focus on. This is like the super fitness app, if you will. If you’re someone who looks to YouTube videos while you’re at the gym for the perfect workouts to do, this app is for you. Download



7 Minute Butt Workout

There’s several exercises you can do to perfect the “peach”, like we previously told you guys about. The 7 Minute Butt Workout app makes glute-based routines simple but effective. From squats to donkey kicks, this workout has you covered with targeted methods for improving your glutes. And who wouldn’t want that?!



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