TBD Fitfluencer Q+A Featuring @Qui2health

By The Body Department October 24, 2017

To kick off our first TBD interview feature, we sat down with trainer & fitfluencer Quianna Burgess to get her take on “gym shit”, the importance of self-care and female empowerment.


What’s your morning routine?

“Alarm rings at 6am, I hit snooze until 6:15 (deep sigh), give thanks, then I’ll make a fresh cup of joe. Normally while that’s brewing I’m prepping mini and I meals for the day. Mentally going over a hectic/busy BUT amazing day…. while getting dressed. Out the door to drop mini to school by 8am. Then, let the training begin!”

When & what made you serious about exercise?

“About 5 years ago during my divorce… exercise was my therapy. Much needed therapy! My mental was jacked up! So I figure if I got myself together physically it would all come together… boy did it!”

What’s your favorite type of workout and why?

“Pretty much anything challenging… legs of course followed by some sort of burn out/metcon.” 

What’s your favorite physical feature?

“Aww man, lol let’s seeeeee! I’d have to say I LOVE my back. I think that’s super sexy for a woman to have a nice sculpted back.”

Do you live by a ‘carpe diem’ mantra or ‘fuck off’ kind of vibe?

“Hahahaha! Soooo, I’m a little bit of both… I’ll help anyway I can but please leave me alone for a second!”

What’s your favorite face cleanser after the gym?

“So I’m using Lush products… I’ve found my skin is really confused. I’m not sure if it’s oily or dry. Lush cleanser daily and then I use a mask at least once I week.”

When’s the last time you paired leggings with heels for a night out?

“Ummm legit, that’s my go to!! There’s a special pair of Nike Dri-fit I go to. I have at least 8 pairs now.” ?‍♀️

What’s your go-to healthy dinner recipe?

“I’m super simple. Baked chicken, brown rice/quinoa mix, and spinach. I can each that everyday… I might switch out the rice for a half sweet potato.”

At The Body Dept., we’re all about the balance between mind, body and soul… What is your favorite self-care ritual?

“I would say twice a month I’m getting a massage, at least once a week I exfoliate, pray all day everyday, need alone time to do absolutely NOTHING, and sit in the sauna or steam room to remove any toxins.”

We believe in female empowerment, one of our fav mottos is “yes the fuck you can”. Was there ever a moment you doubted yourself but powered through with a “yes the fuck you can” moment?

“Listen, that’s pretty much everyday in the gym. Working out is NOT easy, nor does it feel good during the process BUT that’s what I love about it! It’s like, Qui get your butt in their and show them who’s boss! My mental is crazy, if you could hear what I think I promise you’d think I was about to lift a damn building!”

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