The Juicing Nomads’ Road Trip Journey: The Plan

By Natasha September 24, 2015

Driving from New York to Argentina. Sounds simple enough right? Okay, so we’re going to have to cross over a dozen borders and somehow live out of a car for 4 months, not to mention drive roughly 15,000 miles. But besides that, simple enough.

Insert road trip cliche here

We’re starting the next chapter of our lives and this may be the last opportunity we have to take a multi-month trip together for a long time. We’re both adventurers by nature and have always dreamed of the “what-if we just had more time” scenario. Well here it is.

What started with a plan to backpack throughout Central and South America quickly turned into this crazy plan to drive the PanAmerican Highway. At first we brought it up almost jokingly, but after doing some research we found that it’s been done plenty of times and by people from all walks of life, so why not us too?

Safety is paramount in our minds, so are doing everything to make sure that the route is safe and that the vehicle is capable of getting us through it. What we’ve been finding, however, is that the more research we do, the more safe it sounds and the more excited we get about the entire endeavor. In fact, one of the biggest issues we discovered we would have while preparing for the trip, is how we could stay healthy while on the road for months at a time? The answer: the juicing nomads.

We’ve enjoyed a juice a day for over a year and think it’s been an important part of us staying healthy, so we decided to bring the juicer with us. It deserves a little trip with all the use it’s been getting. In fact, we decided to add a grill, pots and pans to form a complete kitchenette. We’re kitting the car out so we can eat, juice and be healthy at any point along the road while still being able to take part in local delicacies.

So follow along or join our Facebook group to get updates as we Drive the Americas.

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