Welcome To TheBodyDepartment.com!

By Shawn Johnson January 6, 2014

I’m so excited to present to you, The Body Department (TBD)! I’ve been posting teasers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and now the day has finally arrived to launch www.thebodydepartment.com.

I created TBD because I wanted a fun and safe place for you all to come and feel good about yourselves and your body. TBD is a place where we can talk about body image, wellness, and fitness in a healthy way. Unfortunately, the media puts so much emphasis on looks, which has created a world where a pregnant celebrity is called fat, where photoshop is creating false realities, and where people are literally DYING to be thin. This is entirely the wrong message to be sending young girls, women, everyone for that matter.

I remember being in a place in my life where I  doubted my image and what I looked like. When I look back at the way I disliked by body, it makes me sad. The media played a huge role in these insecurities, so I wanted something different. Girls should be taught to love their bodies. We should be taught that there is no such thing as perfect. “Perfect” is a label created by society, only driving girls to desperately try to achieve this impossible idea of “perfection.” Down with labels!

TBD is a safe place to come and  trade health/fitness tips, recipes, and to share your personal stories and journeys. We’re here to inspire and uplift each other! Join me and be a part of this new adventure. If you’re interested in contributing to The Body Department, click here and fill out the form.

Happy New Year!!



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