100 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

By Gina Matsoukas November 20, 2014

I’m not sure there can be any holiday more amazing than Thanksgiving. We sit around a table, stuff our faces full of delicious food and acknowledge things we’re grateful for with friends and family without any pressure of gift giving. The holiday feels a bit odd for my family this year as we’re in this weird feeling of upheaval. We’re literally waiting for my grandmother to pass away in her home under hospice care and the contract we had on selling our house just fell through at the 11th hour. Two things I could go on and on about in either a very sad (the former) or a very angry/frustrated (the latter) manner, but I won’t (at least not today) because there are still plenty of things to be happy about and grateful for in life. Like food.

Here is a list of 100 healthy Thanksgiving recipes. Healthy is relative when it comes to Thanksgiving and let’s use some leniency in the dessert category specifically when referring to the word but all in all, these are some tasty, flavorful Thanksgiving ideas that aren’t too bad for you. Have fun choosing!

For all 100 recipes, ingredients and instructions click here.

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