5 Easy Healthy Recipes Under 30 Minutes

By Alice Williams March 10, 2016

I know food can be a struggle when trying to live a healthy life. It can be daunting to meal prep for the week, deciding on which meals to make and sometimes, we just get tired. I wanted to simplify things for you and offer you 5 Easy Healthy Recipes that will take 30 minutes or less to give you one less thing to think about and plan. Making quick meals for dinner is a huge thing for me because I often get hungry quite early and so I want to whip up something quick.

The following are some of my favorite meals from Sunbasket’s Pinterest. I hope it gives you an idea of what types of meals you can expect to get when you use them!

Vegetarian Option


easy healthy recipe tofu vegetables

This sushi bowl was delicious and super easy to make. I was really impressed because I tend to crave foods with sauces and was not sure if I would enjoy such a simple meal. Let me tell you that it may be simple but it is flavorful!

For Meat Lovers


easy healthy recipe steak

Steeeeeak. I am a HUGE fan of steak. I did not eat it much as a kid, mostly because steak isn’t a huge thing over in Hong Kong or Thailand, so I am making up for it now haha. I think you will love this easy steak with artichoke butter recipe.

When You Want Breakfast For Dinner


shakshuka easy healthy recipe

You know what I mean, right? There are some days I just really want eggs, pancakes, oatmeal or all three at once for dinner. This is an easy shakshuka (eggs in sautéed tomatoes essentially) with toasted pita that you can make for dinner – or breakfast!

Salmon: The Ultimate Brain Fuel


salmon easy healthy recipe

When it comes to an easy, tasty and healthy dinner, you really cannot beat salmon. Try out this recipe which uses swiss chard – a lovely vegetable that is seasonal during the winter.

Noodles With A Fusion Twist


easy healthy recipe udon noodle salad

Saving the best for last. This udon noodle with butternut squash recipe is so good! I cannot get over the delicious flavor of the roasted butternut squash with the toasted sesame and pumpkin seeds. It is absolutely divine and again, incredibly easy to make.

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