5 Ways To Eat More Veggies For Breakfast

By Gina Matsoukas October 13, 2015

If we’re being honest, there are plenty of days when vegetables don’t even appear on my plate until dinner time. It’s kind of crazy because it’s not that I will necessarily eat poorly before dinner time rolls around, it’s just that vegetables never make their debut until then.

Think about it, an eggs, bacon and fruit breakfast isn’t unhealthy, right? How about a bowl of oatmeal packed with chia seeds, ground flax, fresh fruit and nuts? Still pretty healthy, but no vegetables in sight. Even lunch, although a more practical place for vegetables to turn up, can still be healthy without them. I think sandwiches are more likely in my case, picking at cheese, fruit, nuts, cold cuts and jerky instead of a real meal because I don’t want to be stuffed at 5pm when I walk into CrossFit.

I almost always make up for it at dinner with 2/3 of plate will likely be dedicated to something green, but wouldn’t things be a lot easier (and maybe a bit nicer to my stomach) if I spread out the vegetable love throughout the day? So, let’s talk about five ways to eat more vegetables for breakfast and get our green fix going first thing in the day.

1. Breakfast Hash 

You probably think potatoes when you hear hash and you wouldn’t be wrong, but it’s also a great way to add greens for a savory start to the day. Leftover vegetables are great in hashes, as well as just a handful of any baby greens you have on hand. You can go the traditional potato route with this quick sweet potato hash, the stuffed vegetable route with these jalapeño cilantro hash stuffed portobellos or the unconventional (and my personal favorite) route with these southwestern hash brown waffles, all great ways to get your veg on.

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