A Miracle Drink You Can Make at Home

By Laura Peill August 10, 2015

I’ve rambled and posted and rambled a lot more on brewing your own kombucha.  Mostly because I love the stuff, and we can’t get enough of it, but also because it is so good for you and such a good thing to add into your daily diet. Plus, it is so much cheaper to make it at home! Win, win, win! The other fermented beverage I make here at home is Kefir. 

Many of you may be familiar with the dairy version of kefir, but you can also make a dairy free version using water or coconut water.  All you need are some kefir grains, water/coconut water, some raw cane sugar and some fruit if you desire.  The benefits of it are very similar to kombucha – lots of probiotics, and super good for gut health – and it is great to put in smoothies for an added health kick.  I don’t make as much of it as kombucha, but we always have some in the house and I love adding it to my daily food creations.  Kombucha we drink by the glassful, every day, whereas kefir I use in smaller amounts, adding into smoothies or smoothie bowls, in baking, or a bit in my morning juice.

Kefir is fermented, just like kombucha, whereby the kefir grains feed off the sugar in the water and generate beneficial bacteria, known as probiotics.  They have a symbiotic relationship, meaning that the lifespan is never-ending – as long as you have kefir grains, water and sugar, the grains will survive and continue to generate fermented kefir for you to enjoy! The grains also actually multiply during this process, and you will continue to gain new kefir grains to use.  I leave mine altogether and ferment the kefir in one jar,  but you can separate them out  into different jars and have a few batches going at once.  Below I’m going to share with you how to make water kefir at home so you can enjoy all these incredible benefits!


water kefir grains (available at your local health store)
water or coconut water
raw cane sugar
baking Soda
dried/fresh fruit
medium size jar
cheesecloth/elastic for covering your jar
plastic strainer

2 cups water, luke warm
2 tbsp sugar
2-3 tbsp water kefir grains (you can get them here Cultures for Health!)
1/8 tsp baking soda
dried fruit if desired

1. In a medium size jar, add water and dissolve sugar and soda in the jar.
2. Pour in the kefir grains and add your dried fruit if desired. (I used dried blueberry in the images below, but you can use raisins, apricots, dates etc.).
3. Cover with a breathable cloth and set in a place our of direct heat or sunlight where it can ferment.
4. Check after 24-28 hours. The mixture should have a tangy, slightly sour taste, without any real sweetness, and may appear cloudy white in colour (if there is no fruit in it that changes the color!)
5. Use immediately or if you would like. bottle, add some fresh fruit and set aside for a couple of days for a second fermentation.


*This post was originally published on Laura’s website, Chronicles of Passion. For more from Laura visit http://chroniclesofpassion.com.

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