Coconut Baked Onion Rings

By Gina Matsoukas January 16, 2015

These coconut baked onion rings are a crunchy onion ring recipe that tastes just like coconut shrimp.

Last Saturday, the day we got to the resort, we had an hour to kill while we waited for our room to be ready to check-in so we decided to scope out the place. Which basically meant two things: figure out where we were going to spend all day laying in the sun for the next 4 days and where we were going to eat. Sun + food and I’m a happy girl.

We wandered around looking at the pool which we never even went to since the beach was right outside our room and finding the main buffet area which left a bit to be desired. Unless birds flying around while you eat is your thing. That’s when we decided the a la carte restaurant that jutted out into the turquoise water with open air seating, waterfalls and lounge chairs was probably a better idea for dinner even if it was an extra charge.

So that’s exactly where we went for dinner the first night and besides the complexities of trying to explain that we didn’t like the house wine and wanted a bottle of something else but wanted the house wine taken off the bill in Spanish to our waiter, it was delicious.

But ever since the table next to us ordered coconut shrimp which came out exactly 2 minutes after I placed my order, I’ve been craving it like woah.

These are exactly like coconut shrimp just minus the shrimp, minus the fryer and unfortunately, minus the turquoise water and 75 degree nights.

For the recipe, ingredients and instructions click here.

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