Corned Beef Hash Breakfast Sandwich

By Gina Matsoukas March 24, 2015

This corned beef hash breakfast sandwich with crispy rye bread, melted swiss and a poached egg is the perfect way to use the extra corned beef you have in your fridge from St. Patrick’s Day.

There is really only one redeeming thing about St. Patrick’s Day and that’s corned beef. Not corned beef and cabbage, not artificially colored green EVERYTHING (if there’s one thing that gives the gross fake pink of Valentine’s Day a run for it’s money, it’s the fake green of St. Paddy’s Day) and certainly not Guinness (I want it to taste like the liquid chocolate it looks like and weirdly, it just never does).

Corned beef, however, that I can get behind.

Shawn Johnson's the body department - Corned Beef Hash Breakfast Sandwich

This salty cured beef really has no business being cooked to mush for hours on end with cabbage. Instead, crisp it up in a pan with some spicy jalapeno, then throw them on top of a toasted slice of buttery marbled rye bread with melted swiss cheese, and place a runny poached egg on top and you’ve got yourself a corned beef hash breakfast sandwich.

For the full recipe and ingredients click here.

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