The Definitive Guide to Making Veggie Tacos

By Jessica Lauren DeBry January 9, 2015

I love veggie tacos. Mostly because it gives me an excuse to plop on ridiculous amounts of guacamole. But also because it is a really good way to use up random vegetables in the fridge that you wouldn’t otherwise know what to do with. Just cut everything up and throw it all in the pan! Even if something gets burned, if you cover it up with extra guacamole when you serve it up, nobody will notice. Believe me. I have done this.

On a random side note, I have also learned how to make an Infographic! So be warned, readers, that there are many more infographics coming your way in the future. They are just way cooler than regular pictures, and I feel so techno-savvy when I create one.

So today, I bring to you the perfect marriage of my love of veggie tacos combined with my newfound knowledge of infographic-creating in The Definitive Guide to Making Veggie Tacos! Follow it, share it, enjoy it!

The Definitive Guide to Making Veggie Tacos


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