Guilt-Free Cookie Dough (Yes, It’s True!)

By The Body Department January 6, 2014

Are you ready? Because we’re bringing you the most delicious recipe on the entire internet. This is not a drill, this is not an exaggeration. This, girlfriend, is healthy cookie dough.

We’ll repeat that for you. HEALTHY COOKIE DOUGH.

Ok, so it’s not cookie dough that you can bake, but it’s definitely cookie dough that you can eat and not feel guilty about it! It’s made with Greek yogurt and you can make it right in the yogurt cup and eat it with your spoon.

1 small container plain Greek yogurt
1 tbsp organic nut butter (peanut, almond, whatever you like)
1 tbsp organic sweetener (honey, agave, liquid stevia, etc.)
¼ tsp organic vanilla extract
pinch of sea salt (if you absolutely HAVE to)
1 tbsp mini dark chocolate chips

A special shout out to The Suburban Girl Gone Country for this delicious recipe!

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