Healthy Chocolate Ice Cream Tarts

By Chocolate Covered Katie February 29, 2016

Ultra creamy and chocolatey, these bite-sized frozen confections are both completely irresistible and completely adorable! With just 7 ingredients, they’re also much easier to make than they may appear. High in fiber and magnesium, CalorieCount gave the recipe an A! I think my favorite part about these raw chocolate dessert tarts is the frozen chocolate “ice cream” filling. It’s almost impossible to not eat all of the filling right out of the blender!

To make these even more simple, you can easily omit the raspberries and mint if you prefer. I added them because I’m a sucker for anything raspberry-chocolate, and I’d bought a mint plant a few weeks ago that is now threatening to take over my apartment. Seriously, I cannot use it fast enough.  The leaves just keep growing back! Luckily, mint and chocolate pair very nicely together, so I don’t really mind the abundant supply.

chocolate banana ice cream

For the full recipe, head over to Chocolate Covered Katie.

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